Our Deepest Sympathy

             Dr. Butler, and his wife Lawanda, would like to extend our church’s sympathy to: Randy & Alyssa Robbins & family on the loss of Randy's mother, Betty, to Roanld & Clarinda Hodges & family on the loss of Ronald's brother, Larry Hodges, to Dinah & Jason Hanna & family on the loss of Dinah's father, to Bob Bartlett & family on the loss of his wife, Jewel Bartlett, to Steve & Kim Hardle & family on the loss of Steve's mother, Peggy Hurdle, to Mark Snider & Troy & Shirley Hampton & their family on the loss of Nita Snider, and to Kim & Stephen Moore & family on the loss of their sister- in-law, Emily Moore Glenn.


A donation was given to The Building Fund:

In honor of: Shirley Scott

                       By: The Wage Class

In memory of: Larry Hodges, Donna Rogers

                       By: Dr. Joy Bailey

In memory of : Larry Hodges, Donna Rogers &                                             Frances King

                        By: The Waddell Class

In memory of:  Frank Prince & Pam Beasley's Father

                        By: Mike & Donna Bryant

In Memory of: Peggy Hurdle

                         By: Dr. Joy Bailey

In Memory of: Jewel Bartlett

                          By: The Palmer Class