February  2017

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Dr. Jim Butler:


In going through LaBelle's history file, I came upon the last newsletter written by Dr. D. M. Renick, our founding Pastor. He was retiring on December 28, 1975. I never had the pleasure of knowing Dr. Renick, but I know he loved this church, just as Lawanda and I do. Here is what he wrote as his final message. "This gives me a peculiarsinking feeling asI write my last message as Pastor of LaBelle Haven Baptist Church. I want to express to you the joy you have brought me and my family during the many years we have worked and worshipped together. Your personal messages and gifts of love have been warm and generous.No pastor ever had a happier pastorate than I have had during these many years I have been with you." AsIread hiswords,itwas asthough I knewexactly how he felt. God had used him to give birth to LaBelle Haven, now he was stepping aside to allow a new leader to take his place. God allowed me the priviledge of being part ofthe rebirth ofLaBelle, but now it istime for me to step aside also. Our new Pastor, Bro. Dean, will do a wonderful job of taking my place. Please love and support him as you have me over these past many years. When the Deacon Body and I made plans for my retirement, we told Bro. Dean in the last 3 months before my retirement the two of us would split the preaching duties 50/50. I am telling you this to let you know that I am scheduled to preach only 3 more timesthis year.Youmaywanttomark the datesso you will not miss our final days together. I am preaching on November 15 & 19 and December 10. December 31 will be my last day as your Senior Pastor, and it will be my retirement celebration. We will not have Sunday School on December 31. Worship will begin at 10am. We will have guest speakers which will include Rev. Austin Moore, Dr. Joy Bailey, Rev. Mitch Martin (the Director of Missions for the Mid-South Baptist Association) and our ownRev. Phil Anderson.My father and family will be in attendance. Lauren (our youngest daughter, will be singing). The only thing left to make this a perfect day is. . . .You! I pray you will be a part of this day to