Sunday School

At LaBelle, we believe Sunday School is the church organized to do the Great Commission and equipped to live the Great Commandments.

We do the Great Commission by inviting friends, making disciples, and engaging people in the life of the church.
We live the Great Commandments by encouraging one another to love God above everything and to demonstrate love to one another.

Our Sunday School is age-graded, from birth through senior adults.  People in the same life-stage find community and belonging in Sunday School.

New Class for Ages 20-39

We are excited to announce that Mitch & Dot Wright will be creating a new Sunday School class for ages 20-39. This class will meet in the conference room which is between the office and the kitchen. This new class begins March 5.


DEPT                 Description                          Room No.                              Teacher(s)                                                     

Adit                    Co-ed 3 (ages 55-Up)         303                                        Bob Wage

Adit                    Co-ed 4 (ages 55-up)         111                                        Ron Palmer

Adit                    Co-ed 6 (ages 55-Up)         110                                        Matt Waddell

Adit                    Co-ed 7 (ages 35-55)         105                                        Bill & June Long

Adit                    Co-ed 5 (ages 20-39)         Conf. Room                           Mitch & Dot Wright

Adit                    Co-ed 9 (ages 35-59)          302                                       Jamie & Tammy Red

Adit                    Co-ed 10 (ages 55- Up)      304                                       

Adit                    College & Career                  305                                        Mike & Donna Bryant

Adit                   Men (ages 35-61                  113                                       Keith Coleman

Adit                   Men ( ages 62+)                   102                                       Winford Baker

Adit                  Women (ages 35-61)            103                                       Teresa Anderson

Adit                  Women (ages 62-74)            112                                        Mary Rial

Adit                  Women (75+)                         100                                       Margaret Ferrante

Yth                  6th-8th Grade Boys & Girls     Multi-Purpose                    Jamie/Jenny Mullen

Yth                  9th-12th Grade Boys & Girls   Multi-Purpose                    Andy/ Sonya Drake

Chil                1st & 2nd Grade Boys & Girls   210                                    Martha Nunn/Cathy Hearn

Chil                3rd & 4th Grade Boys & Girls    211                                    R. & C. Turner/r. Parsley

Chil                5th Grade Boys & Girls              212                                     J. Bailey/W.McKinney/P.Combs

Chil                Special Ministries                       213                                     Maurine Hunsberger

Prsc              Bed Babies                                  200                                     Mary McKinney

Prsc              Toddlers                                      202                                     Steve & Kim Hurdle

Prsc              3-4 Years Old                             203                                      Jennifer Collard

Prsc              5 Years Old                                 201                                      Leonard & Beth Bland