What Does "Building Momentum" Mean?

When we began thinking about our next capital campaign, we invited Dr. Jim Butler to help organize and lead us through the process. Bro. Jim gave our staff a few titles to consider for the campaign, There was one title that seemed to express what we are trying to do in the next few years at LaBelle Haven.

"Building Momentum...Investing in Eternity" does not merely celebrate what God has done at LaBelle Haven, it also describes exactly what we desire to see take place in the next decade in our church. Beginning in 2011, we have witnessed God perform miracle after miracle in our church. God oversaw a complete church relocation from Holmes Road in Memphis, TN to Highway 305 in Olive Branch, MS. Just a few years ago, LaBelle Haven was seriously in danger of closing her doors forever. Today our membership has reached over 1,400 people.

Our last building campaign, "The Miracle Continues...Linking Hearts and Hands" celebrated all that God has done at LaBelle Haven. Buildings were constructed through that campaign just to accommodate the growth we were experiencing. There is a real temptation to celebrate what God has done at LaBelle Haven to the point that we believe we have arrived. Pastor Dean likes to say we are on a journey and have not reached our destination.

Building Momentum will allow us to create new ministries that will impact our community and church in the years to come. We are making an investment in the future. God is faithful today and will be in the future. This capital campaign and subsequent building campaign will not only alleviate some growing pains we have today, but will position us for ministry in the years to come. As you give to Building Momentum, please remember you are Investing in Eternity.

A Note from the Pastor

As you know, God is blessing our church in an unbelievable way. New people are being added to our LaBelle family every week. Now we must make room for them.

In our present facilities, we are close to maxing out our Sunday School space and are limited in the ministries we can offer. In short, to offer more Sunday School opportunities and ministries, we must build our next building.

Being led to prepare for the future, we are entering into our next capital campaign, Building Momentum. In this campaign our entire church family will be asked to make a 3-year commitment "above and over" our regular tithes. Giving to the capital campaign above and over the tithe will allow us to handle our debt without it impacting our ministry budget. We are asking all our members to pray about giving (above and beyond their tithes) over the next 3 years.

We presently owe approximately $2.39 million on our existing building. The estimate for Phase 3 is $3.5 Million. This may sound like a lot of money, but if all our members join in sacrificing, we will have this paid off in just a few years with ease.

I ask you to pray about giving. Whatever you give, if you give anything is between you and God. Not everyone can give the same amount but I challenge you to remember no gift is too small for God to use. Cheryl and I will enthusiastically support Building Momentum and we ask you to join us in doing so.

Your Pastor,

Dean Stewart

The New Building Plans and Architectural Renders

The new building will extend off of the main building and into what is now the parking lot. The current entrances will not change, but there will be corridors that run alongside the edges of the new building that will lead into the current entrances for the main building. Click the picture of the layout for a better look at the new building. Or you can see the architectural render below of what the new building will look like from a bird's eye view.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of the Building Momentum Campaign?

Building Momentum has two stated goals, to reduce our current amount of debt and to build a multi-purpose activity building. Reducing debt is not the most exciting aspect of any capital campaign, but we decided to make reducing our debt a high priority before building our next building. 

As of October 2019, LaBelle Haven has lowered its current debt to $2.39 million. It is nothing short of a miracle from God that our debt is below $2.4 million. Consider that we have purchased 53 acres of land, built our current worship center and original education space, relocated our church from Holmes Road in Memphis, and have built one additional educational annex. All of the above came with a price tag of roughly $8 million and today we owe less than $2.4 million.

What facilities will there be?

  • A Gymnasium with an indoor walking track and enough eating space for 500 people
  • 6 more Sunday School rooms to accommodate our growing membership
  • An Adult Daycare Center, a new ministry we are excited to be able to provide for the community
  • A fully functional Coffee Shop
  • A Fitness Room and Studio
  • Additional Kitchen space, complete with a walk-in cooler/freezer
  • Additional Storage space and Restrooms
  • More parking space

How much will the new building cost?

Our goal is to keep our debt at $4 million while building the new activities building. If we lower our current debt to $1 million, then we can build a $3 million building. If we are able to eliminate all of our current debt, we could build a $4 million building.

We are currently servicing a $4 million dollar loan without any burden to our existing ministries. The monthly payment on our $4 million loan is $18,000. Because of your generosity, we have lowered the principle on that loan to $2.39 million.

How can I help?

On Sunday, November 3rd, our LaBelle family will join together to register our 3 year commitments to the Building Momentum Capital Campaign. Everyone will receive a campaign commitment card. There you will be able to list your 3 year commitment in either a weekly, monthly, yearly, or single payment. Of course, you may change your commitment at any time if your circumstances change. We trust God to lead you as you pray about what you should do. 

Our Current Campaign Goals:

  • Victory Goal - $1,200,000
  • Challenge Goal - $1,400,000
  • Hallelujah Goal - $1,600,000

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