January 25 - 27, 7AM -7PM

36 Hours of Prayer

January 25 - 27, 7AM - 7PM

5 Key Areas of Focus

  • 1)  Family = Pray for godly leadership, wisdom and discernment for the head of the household. Pray that a love from above will radiate the home as we walk in unity before God and family. Pray for each member’s spiritual soul, maturity and physical safety.

  • 2)    Church = Pray for our Pastor as he leads and feeds the flock. Pray for the Staff as they minister in their specific roles. Pray for the congregation’s spiritual worship, walk and witness. 

  • 3)    Revival = Repentance! Revival is available today for those who really want it.  Pray that we See the NeedHave the Desire and Just Do it! 

  • 4)    Nation and Leaders = Pray that America turns its eyes to the Lord and puts Him first. Pray for Wisdom and direction. Pray for Repentance. 

  • 5)    COVID-19 = Pray that God would be glorified. Pray that God use the pandemic to call the lost to salvation and draw the saved closer to their savior. Pray that people see Jesus in us.