LaBelle Staff & Leadership

The staff and leadership here at LaBelle is comprised of men and women who love, care and pray for every single person in the church. If you have questions for any of our staff, feel free to reach out and email them or call our church office 662-893-2273 to speak with them.

  • Rev. Dean Stewart

    Senior Pastor

  • Rev. Phil Anderson

    Minister of Education/Administrator

  • Rev. Ken Washburn

    Minister of Worship & Senior Adults

  • Jamie Mullen

    Minister of Youth

  • Renea Beene

    Children's Director

  • Rev. Warren Barron

    Associate Pastor for Pastoral Care

  • Dr. Jim Butler

    Pastor Emeritus

  • Tracy Bateman

    Administrative Assistant

  • Jerebeth Mehler

    Financial Secretary

  • Mollie Beene

    Office Receptionist/Admin. Assistant