February  2017

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Dr. Jim Butler:

As you read on the front page of this week's Tower, our annual Deacon Widow/Widower Banquet is happening in just a few week's. This is always such a great event. We get to express our love to these dear men and women. I love food and hugs. Our deacons treat their widows like a queen.

Speaking of deacons, our deacon selection process will begin in a couple of months. The Deacon Body  at LaBelle is made up of some of the greatest men i have ever known. They love our church and their Pastor. I have enjoyed serving with them these past 7 years.

There is only one thing that could make our  Deacon Body more effective...we need some younger men to serve with us. I am not being critical of the wisdom of our older men. I do feel it is a shame that some of our younger men so not have the benefit of their wisdom and experience. These men have so much to share, and our younger men have so much to learn.

As your Pastor, I am asking you to begin now looking around in our congregation to identify younger men who would make good deacons to lead our church into the future. Men who can be trained and mentored by our wise older deacons. Pray about selecting them when we begin the deacon selection process.

Too often we just put the same men back on our Deacon Body year after year. These men are great leaders, but like me they are getting older, We need a good balance between young and old. We  need  the experienced men to train up the younger men. We need to look to the health of our church in the future. I am bringing this to your attention now, so you can be seeking God's leadership as to who to select this fall. If you don't know any younger men, then get to know them, The future health and ministry of our church rests in your hands.

My How Time Flies When You Are Having Fun!

In writing this month's Tower newsletter, I realized that it was one year ago this month that our church called Rev. Dean Stewart. On July 10 last year Bro. Dean was called  to serve as our Associate Pastor. He was to walk with me in the process of my retirement.

I have been so proud of the way you have come to love him, and the leadership he has already shown as our "soon to be" Pastor. When Lawanda and I step down at the end of this year, I know LaBelle will carry on stronger than ever. Bro. Dean, I love you and I can hardly wait to see what God will do through you here at this great church.